*bzzz! bzzz! bzzz! cluck! cluck! cluck!*

OMG! I am so incredibly excited!

By happenstance, I get Avenue Magazine’s weekly email updates and this week’s issue had information about CSAs in Calgary!

We’re already signed up with Noble Farms for our CSA Veggie box this season and I am still seriously excited about what we’re going to be getting this year. The first word of delivery can’t happen soon enough it seems! To add to my crazy excitement, as of this evening, I’ve now signed us up for a membership in Sundance Fields 2012 Free Range Egg Shares! Hopefully I didn’t screw things up — I’m not exactly sure if I was supposed to fill in the regular CSA membership form or not since I only want eggs and not the veggies. Had I known about these guys, I probably would have signed up with them from the get-go!

I’ve sent off an email and hopefully they will get back to me regarding what possible screw ups I’ve made in trying to get that share membership in order. Oh well. I suppose it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we didn’t get a share in the Free Range Eggs, but I would be pretty disappointed nonetheless.

As for the final bit of exciting news… BEES!! Last year, I discovered that I don’t have the same reaction to ‘homegrown honey’ as I do with regular, store bought, pasteurized honey. I’m not entirely sure why this is, but the store bought stuff’s always given me a bit of the itchies around the lips when I would eat it. And then I discovered homegrown honey from J & Miss R‘s bees. WOW! Homegrown honey is hands down, so much tastier compared to the stuff one buys from the store. As clichéd as it sounds: homegrown honey is so incredibly multidimensional flavour-wise and I never even knew until last year! A few months ago, there was a call put out by J for friends with backyards to host a beehive in exchange for a portion of honey that’s harvested later in the year (depending of course on how well the bees fare over the season). I’m super excited! We’re going to be having a beehive put into our backyard this year and we’re going to be getting a bit of homegrown honey!!

I say this time and time again, we are ridiculously spoiled (and so incredibly thankful & grateful) with the amazing things that J & Miss R generously share with The Hubbs & myself: homemade jams, preserves, pickles, homemade sausages, homegrown honey & potatoes, fantastic homemade pierogies from J‘s family recipe… the list goes on forever! I am still boggled beyond belief at the seemingly non-stop hard work and fantastic projects that they are doing to help better their community and I am constantly amazed at their abilities to educate people in how to do things like grow a small & simple vegetable garden to help feed themselves & their families. J & Miss R, themselves, are still learning the ins & outs of gardening on a large(r) scale to provide for their small farmer’s market stall, and honestly, it’s just so awe inspiring to watch what all happens from my little seat at the sidelines. ^_^

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2 thoughts on “*bzzz! bzzz! bzzz! cluck! cluck! cluck!*

  1. fabrocks

    Today is veggie box day for us. I’ll poke around for an egg place when we get settled in our own place (someday soon, I hope). Honey! Wow! I’m really happy for you!

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Hey Shelly!
      In our case, doesn’t matter where we’re living since the veggies & egg CSAs have a weekly drop-off point where we go and pick up our yummies from the farmers. Veggies for us won’t start til June at the earliest, but eggs.. Oh my goodness. Eggs are starting May 1st!! I’m so excited about the eggs!

      And yeah, the honey is super exciting as well. As Biggie said last night, once all our stuff starts producing, I’m gonna have the makings for the most awesome breakfasts ever ^_^

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