I think my insides are broken…

I’ve been up since about 730 because.. well.. I’m kind of worried.

I apologize for the amount of information for which I am going to disclose: As I’ve mentioned before in the past, I’ve been on hormone replacements since I was born and my doctor’s always given me a choice as to how I wanted to go about dealing with girly issues. The two choices have always been:

1) BC Pills — to give me the traditional up & down cycle of hormones which would result in a regular period like normal girls
2) The two hormones separately — gives me the straight up hormones with no increases/decreases, so I don’t have to deal with the monthly changes, therefore no periods.

Obviously I chose option#2. Which is great! Except… I’m having a period… for the first time in 8 years o_O… while still on the hormones.

I had this happen once a couple months ago, but it was literally 1 day of just weird heavier-than-usual-“Oups! I forgot a pill!”-spotting and that was it, then it was gone. Generally speaking, if it does happen, like I said, it only ever occurs if I’ve accidentally forgotten to take the meds some time during the week because I didn’t realize I had dropped a pill or I forgot my to take my meds entirely (not good, but it’s happened).

This time around I’m having what is kind of like a full on period, since Tuesday, and I’m kinda freaked out because I’ve not missed any of my meds at any point. I suppose I should have called Fam Doc to see what’s going on as someone kindly insisted I do way back on Tuesday, but I figured I would wait the day and see what would happen since I figured it was just a case of forgetting a pill, so it would rectify itself within a day.

Well, now it’s three days later and it’s not stopping.


I have an appointment on Monday with Fam Doc, but I’m still trying to get a hold of my endocrinologist with no luck. I’ve left a message, but they said on the machine that they’d get back to me within 2 business days, which means, I’m screwed til Monday anyhow.

Of all the times for something like this to happen, it had to be exceedingly poor timing. We leave for Alaska in TWO weeks! I don’t wanna be dealing with health issues again before or on our trip

…And of course, being the freak that I am, I’m needlessly worrying about what this could mean. Why am I bleeding?? What the hell is my body doing to me?? Could I have been pregnant (HAH! Zero chance of that ever happening, but my brain & body do weird shit, so I wouldn’t put it past either of them)…??? Etc etc etc. It sucks.


So yea, that’s what I am doing… stressing… needlessly… and waiting for the security company… and kina craving Indian on top of everything else.


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