Vague update…

So I saw Fam Doc on Monday as planned and I also got a return phonecall from Cow-Stamp Doc to book an appointment.

Appointment is booked for after we get back from our trip… which is great, that means it’s only 3 weeks away! But… that means it’s three weeks away, which therefor means that I will be suffering with this whole messy episode for another three weeks -_-;;; GUH.

ANyhow. My appointment with Fam Doc went swimmingly, for a lack of a better term. We had a little bit of a chat and decided on top of doing some bloodwork, he wanted to have me do a Pelvic Ultrasound.

The bloodwork is because I made mention that a few months ago, I had noticed that my boobs just felt weird and I seem to have the most bizarre looking crustiness going on around my nipples. Seeing as the normal reason Domperidone is prescribed is for women dealing with lactation issues, GI Guy did warn me a few years back not to worry if I randomly started some milk production.. o_O;

So we managed to get all of those appointments booked in a decent amount of time to see that nothing freakish was going on with my insides like the presence of polyps or whatever and he kind of left it at that. Except he asked me for permission to order a vaginal ultrasound.

WTF -_-;;;

The ultrasound was booked as ‘urgent’ and I managed to get an appointment for Tuesday afternoon. I have to say, and this is going to be entirely a moment of TMI: in terms of ultrasounds, this one was rather… well, I’m actually kind of embarassed to say that during the exam, I couldn’t decide if I was grossed out or turned on while I was having it done. It was rather fascinating and disturbing all at once.

Fam Doc should have the ultrasound results by end of the week at the latest (meaning, he should already have them) and since I did the bloodwork today, he should have those results by Monday. When I see him on Tuesday for follow-up and to do any last-chance stuff before our trip, this will be the day to figure out what’s going on.

I’m really not sure as to how I should be feeling about this whole week’s testings. I’m not even sure if when the techs were doing my ultrasound if they found anything weird or not since they asked me if they could press on a few parts of my tummy to get better pictures.

Guess there’s not much point worrying about it — I’ll just have to make sure to pack my lunapads and liners for this trip. I lamented a few months ago that I missed buying & wearing pads, but I honestly didn’t want for my body to grant me the opportunity ~NOW~ of all times.




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