We’re Home!

Safe & Sound ^_^

I have just had an incredible 9 days vacation, all thanks to the love & generosity of my most incredible husband, family & group of friends.


Can you believe it??

~I~ certainly still can’t believe that I’ve been to Vancouver, the Inside Passage of Alaska and back again… on a cruise ship, to boot!!

There is so much that I wanna write about, so many pictures we need to sift through (917, was the last count) and so many that I know I will want to post but it’s late and I am running on fumes at the moment, I’m so tired. Plus I am royally confused at what time it is. I’ve gone through so many time zone changes in the last week that I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing right now. Waking up tomorrow will be even more confusing since I got used to seeing the sunrise at just before 430am for the last week!

I had a wonderful time with The Hubbs, just the two of us, but I am really glad to be home again to sleep in our own bed and have the attention of the kitties. I missed them something terrible.

Tomorrow: A really, really long update of our trip ^_^


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