CowStamp Doc Visit

Today was the first time I’ve seen CowStamp Doc in years.

Just as a quick refresher: Before we left on our trip to Alaska (more on that in a separate post), I started spotting/having a light period. Nothing crazy heavy, but it was still annoying and rather disconcerting. It’s been probably something like 7+ years since I’ve had to deal with that sort of thing and I had noticed that the spotting started a few months ago.

As far as CowStamp Doc is concerned, having a period is perfectly normal. ¬_¬ Except, in my opinion, having a period is totally not normal for me!

As he describes it, by taking the estrogen and progesterone separately, they basically balance things out so that I don’t have a period, but every now and then it’s possible that one will overthrow the other in their daily battles for dominance which will cause me to spot or have a period, which is why this is totally a-okay normal. As far as dosing goes: normally the Provera & Prometrium (I will be going back to the Premarin as soon as I finish off the pills I have left, thank goodness) would balance each other out perfectly fine, but he figures that because of the awesome new friend that my left ovary has, the tumour, it’s probably adding a little bit of extra hormones to the party which is why things are slightly unbalanced and causing the spotting.

As far as the tumour is concerned, just like Fam Doc, he’s totally not concerned by it. I find it kind of strange how Liver Guy is the only person who’s freaked out by it and is the one who made the moves to put in the requisition for the Gynae appointment.

So that’s that. Cowstamp Doc has no need/desire to see me unless something is wrong and is quite content to just refill my prescriptions annually by phone/fax with the pharmacy. Works for me, too, to be honest.

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