So simple, yet so incredibly tasty..

I have this ~thing~ for tzatziki. I don’t know why, but from the very first time I tasted it and I can’t even put a finger on when that could have been, I have been absolutely blown away by it.

It’s such a simple sauce and yet, up until now, I’ve never thought to try making it. I suppose the main reason being is that I rarely have plain yoghurt or cucumbers on hand in the fridge at the exact same time.

Now because I have to do a sleep study test tonight, which was ordered by Dr.Cute, I need myself a snack before I go to bed. The test requires a minimum of 5 hours of data and of course, the more the better. My sleep’s been totally messed up and of course I haven’t been able to get to bed before 2am most nights or fall asleep before 5am once my head’s hit the pillow. The only difference between this test and the last one is Dr.Cute wants me to be wearing my oxygen during this one. This is a slight problem. I have really small nostrils and I don’t know that I can jam 2 canulas up my nose o_O;;

So for tonight’s snack, I am having: falafel balls wrapped in super thinly sliced deli meat (chicken) and dolloped with my very first tzatziki attempt. The balls came from Costco — Mom & Dad went shopping on the weekend and picked up some junkie food (read: Dad was hungry and basically picked up anything & everything that looked tasty to him at the time) and what came out of that trip was 2 boxes of falafel balls.

Interestingly enough, I’ve never had falafel before. I’ve liked the IDEA of falafel when I’ve read about them, but I’ve never gone out of my way to try them. I think the main reason is because there are very few Middle Eastern places close to our house for me to order them. When I tried my first bite this afternoon, I wasn’t terribly excited by them — very dry (cold, straight from the fridge), and the spices & seasonings I found to be kind of overwhelming for my palate. Dad said they taste pretty good crumbled up into an omelette(!?) and I think he also mentioned a bowl of soup, but I don’t recall exactly.

Fast forward a few hours, it’s snacktime before I strap my whole self up to a portable hard drive for the rest of the night and I have discovered that they taste pretty damn good. The spices are still a little pretty assertive and seeing as I’ve never had one before, I don’t have any way of knowing if this is typical or not. It’s pretty intense and I would honestly say a bit overwhelming for me. Eating them hot is definitely the way to go and if you eat it with the tzatziki: WOW. I just wish I had some ripe tomatoes on hand to go with it, a few thin slices of onion perhaps & a pita or homemade flour tortilla/naan, then we’d be rockin’ ^_^

Because I am impatient (and tired and on a pseudo deadline), I didn’t bother draining my yoghurt or salting + draining my cucumber. I totally did it on the fly, using this recipe as my guideline.

It’s pretty fast and pretty darn tasty for just throwing a few spoonfuls of this and that willy nilly into a bowl and stirring with a spoon. If anything, The Hubbs is probably unknowingly glad that I am sleeping in the spare room tonight since fresh garlic is pretty potent on the breath, as I forgot & suddenly realized.

No real measurements for tonight’s dip since I just made enough for me, check out the recipe link above for more exact quantities.

Midnight Tzatziki

plain Greek yoghurt
1/3 cucumber, peeled & seeds removed
1 clove garlic, mashed to a pulp
dill powder
lemon juice

Mash garlic with a pinch of salt in a mortar & pestle until you get a smooth paste.
Put a heaped tablespoon of plain Greek yoghurt into a small bowl and add garlic.
Grate cucumber into the bowl & stir well (if you want, I suppose you could do it in a separate bowl and squeeze out the juices)
Add a splash of lemon juice, season with a generous amount of dill powder, salt & pepper to taste.
Stir well and eat straight from the bowl with your spoon, if desired.

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