I am in love, love, love…

I see Lil’E=MC^2 & Miss R, usually every Friday afternoon just have a bit of face-to-face, human interaction & conversation– We’ll have a bit of lunch, catch up with what’s been going on for the last week, talk about what everyone’s doing for the upcoming weekend and I treasure the time we have together, the three of us, more than I ever thought possible.

Lil’E=MC^2 is already now eight(!!) months old and I am so happy that we get to visit together every week to watch her grow & develop. I know this sounds rather silly, but I am so thrilled that she recognizes me and gives me the most adorable toothless smile whenever we meet at the door, or when she wakes up from a nap, or when she’s being all silly and distracted while trying to be nursed. Her personality’s developing and I love watching everything unfold, one step at a time.

I was so pleasantly surprised & thrilled this afternoon that Lil’E=MC^2 greeted me with a smile & stretched out, wanting to me to hold her. Once I had removed all my hardware and dropped my bags, Miss R handed her sweet little bundle of joy to me, I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she snuggled right into my neck & shoulder.

That hug & snuggle was the most amazing experience and it is truly a wonderful feeling to be snuggled by child who has the utmost trust in you.

I hope she never outgrows that.


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