Draaaaaaaaama llama

Okay, not really.

I’ve been sofa-bound for the past week. Without getting into too many foul details, let’s just say I may have possibly had some kind of food poisoning which rendered my body into a state of shock & awe. Not in a good way and to the point that I ended up in the Emergency at the hospital because I was peeing blood the colour of red Gatorade.

Thursday prior to that, I was in for my now annual visit to see Kidney Guy and at that time there was a hint of blood in my urine at the time but neither of us were particularly concerned — it was only when I was making it look like I had poured a whole bottle of red Gatorade down the toilet that we became pretty concerned. The Doctor in the ER was concerned that I had two separate issues going on: food poisoning (obviously) and a possible Lupus-Kidney flareup. But since the ER is not well equipped, not prepared to deal with that kind of issue, they wanted me to follow up on Monday with both Rheumy & Kidney Guy. Well, Kidney Guy didn’t know what to make of it, Rheumy II didn’t really much care (for a lack of a better term). We did followup testing and the peeing blood thing stopped as of Monday/Tuesday. I haven’t seen either of my doctors because it would appear that none of the tests they did showed any issues — Kidney Guy was thinking that perhaps it wasn’t my kidneys that were acting up, but my bladder.

Either way, I’m better. Not great, but better.

The sustenance I’ve had for the last week has been rather sad & depressing, but most definitely needed: Honey water, Gatorade, strawberry probiotic yoghurt, Coconut Water, Salted Crackers, Chinese rice porridge, Homemade Quickie Pops (made in my new toy, the Zoku) and whatever seems to agree with my tummy. In some cases, that’s been: homemade fried pork cutlet sammiches with my homemade picante sauce & Charlesford, meatloaf dinner from MIL and Peach & Pear-Orange Jello from Mom (with whipped cream!)

It’s been a rough, rough, incredibly rough week. My insides are still not 100% A-Okay but I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to make it to Father’s Day Brunch tomorrow. We’re doing the usual homemade eggs benny at Mom & Dad’s tomorrow and I am cooking. I have a few recipes, believe it or not, that I need to post that I’ve made over the last few days, but I shall make them each a separate post as to not clutter up the health update that I wanted to put down somewhere for my own records. I do need to write it down in my daytimer, too, but I thought that I should let everyone know who left me get well wishes last weekend that I am still alive and my insides are slowly on the mend.


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