First ever painting…

Holy cow!

I actually drew & painted something that is recognizeably “human”. I am completely floored!

For awhile now, I’ve been following mixed media artist Tamara Laporte, more commonly known as Tam or Willowing, on her blog & Youtube channel.

She does all sorts of wonderful, pretty, whimsical & heart-warming works of art that you really should just check out for yourself.

Anyhow, she has an amazing art community that she’s created where she teaches quite a number of online art classes which include DVDs, tons of .pdf’s & instructional video tutorials and they are all just so… nice.

The current class she’s running is called Life Book and is themed around self-development and healing. It’s a year-long mixed media art class which is “a celebration & honouring of YOU” and includes not only herself, but an additional15 art teachers who will also share their mixed media techniques as well. That is one heckuva polished class!

I’ve never been very good at making art and I’m even crummier at drawing something that would resemble a person, so I was pretty chuffed to discover that Tam offers a free class that shows you, step by step, how to draw a girl as well as how to colour & shade her. I used to take art classes in junior high, and I loved playing with all the supplies we had on hand but I wasn’t skilled, no one taught me how to draw & paint “properly” and art class was generally looked upon poorly by my parents — it was never thought to be a worthwhile class to take or skill to have. So needless to say, my abilities are nominal, at best.

I’m not quite ready to take on the sort of intensity of Life Book, so I’ve signed up for Tam’s free Art, Heart & Healing class just to dip my toe into the art waters. I haven’t quite decided if I’m ready to tackle that sort of deep thinking, seeing as it’s not really my cup of tea, but I’m trying as best I can to work through the positive healing aspects of the course and keep an open mind. I love the way Tam presents her intructional materials but I have a hard time with getting in touch with all the introspection.

I’ve always wanted to be able to develop my own drawing style (mainly of people) and I’ve especially loved the recent discovery of “mixed media art”, and how it works so beautifully on paper. This is what I’ve always wanted to be able to do. It’s a simple desire, but it’s so incredble to see something magically transform on paper in front of my very eyes that ~I~ made! I am hoping to be able to improve on my skills because I am finding the girl drawings absolutely adorable, but I would like to eventually develop my own girl-drawing style that I can recognize as being “me” and “mine”.

This is my first piece from the Art, Heart & Healing course and I’m actually really proud. I’m not entirely finished the assignment just yet, I need to finish printing off and integrating the introspection aspect of the piece before it’s 100% complete. She is a little wonky looking on the right side where her hair was supposed to be falling over her shoulder, it makes it look like her neck is really skinny, but for all that, given it’s my first attempt: I’m pretty proud of my girl & myself.

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