Working on some more Girly Girls

This is my second Girly Girl and I’m starting to get a feel for how they’re drawn.

The only thing is: as proud as I am of her, I am still wanting to start getting a feel for my own drawing-style and it’s not yet made itself known to me. I’m still essentially just replicating what I’ve been taught with how to draw the girls…

Girly Girl 02

I can’t remember if I made mention of this before, but months ago when I was working on the memory book, I signed up for another .ning art community run by Leslie Herger, also known as Comfortable Shoes Studio, called Art Journaling – It’s All Good! This was actually the first community that I really got excited about learning how to create in. It has loads of free classes, which are hugely informative and an absolute treasure trove of information and is a brilliant place to learn all sorts of different techniques from the huge gathering of mixed media artists in one place.

After yesterday’s splurge at Michaels, I am feeling all warm & fuzzy and excited to be doing more, and different, stuff. I dunno what, as of yet, but until last night, I completely forgot that I had signed up for the Challenge! class which is a group devoted to art journaling challenges. The description from the website: The idea is to use these Challenges! in your art journal in some way. You don’t need to do them all or any of them simply looking at them is enough. It’s to challenge ourselves to create more often and to look at our art and share our art.

So now the task is for me to get used to the idea of doing some sort of “regular” art journaling. For awhile I was actually doing a little bit of doodling in an old daytimer that I had repurposed, but I haven’t touched it in awhile — it’s a bit of a shame because I really, really like the feel of that journal with the pages glued together to increase its stability. I will more than likely start to work in it again, but for now I am using an art book. It feels a little too special & pristine to use as an everyday creativity book for some reason, but I’m trying to get over that with the current pages I’ve decided to play with.

I have to say: It’s ugly. Damn ugly. But that’s part of the process & the whole point to the challenges that they set out for students every month. The thing I really need to do is get over the notion of right, wrong, pretty & ugly. An art journal is for everything & anything — I just have to get comfortable with those ideas. Perhaps I need more books to play with? It’s a shame that I still haven’t gotten around to making that handmade recycled art journal that I started after the memory book.

One day… in the meantime, keep doing what I’m doing until I’m comfortable with the process? If anything, I should really start making time everyday (night?) to do some sort of creative works in the books. The Hubbs thinks it really helps me with my ability to deal with my pain & it helps to distract me from needing to take The Moose, and that in itself is a very good thing.

So. Plans for tonight? Try and do another page or two — whether it’s continuing on with the ink splodge that I started, or start a fresh new set of pages with another girly-girl, or just doodle mindlessly like I did last week.

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