More Girly Girls and a Rock

I signed up for Willowing’s Summer Girls mini-class.

It’s $25 and the pieces are rather adorably sweet-looking once completed. Tam does very stylized & easily identifyable pieces for her classes. I’m thinking that I might like to take one or two more of her classes at a later date, mainly Awesome Art Journal & perhaps Collage, Paint & Soul. With the two courses I’ve already played with, I’ve really enjoyed watching the videos on how to create the mixed media pieces from start to finish. As well, I do especially love having the written instructions on how to create things, step-by-step, and then learn how to combine them to get a whole piece — it’s pretty fantastic to have it all as reference to look at whenever I need it. Really, I just love that she writes up all her class instructions on .pdf and I can save them to look at wherever I happen to be: either on Ponyo in the kitchen or if I’m at my desk upstairs or in the car on the go, I can look at everything on my iPad.

Emailing with Empyress this afternoon, I noticed something rather interesting: checking out the class forums to see what others have created, it seems that everyone makes almost an exact duplicate of Tam’s work. I totally did the same thing with my first girl from the Art, Heart & Healing class, but it seems kind of weird and, to me, a little strange to see that no one does their OWN thing.

Nobody just uses her class as a guideline or jumping off point for ideas – but, I guess, if you’re just starting out learning how to draw and paint, having something to replicate that you know WILL look good once you’re finished, is comforting when you don’t know how to DO art stuffs… which I guess is the reason people sign up for these classes. To learn how to do pretty art, right? But the biggest issue for me is still the problem of: “but… but… but… I want to draw MY OWN GIRL!!!” I don’t want my girls to look so much like Tam’s girl!! :P~

All whining aside, I really do like her classes and how she teaches them. Like anything else, if I want to get good at something — it’s just a matter of making sure to practice, practice, practice so I can get a feel for my own abilities and develop my own style.

Having said that, here are my two most recent, but still incomplete, Girly Girls.

In memory of Baby C, The Hubbs’ sister & her family asked us if we would like to paint a rock for their collection:


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