Veggies, Veggies, Veggies

Wowsers… I have a LOT of veggies o_O

So last night, when I went to pick up my eggs, it turned out that the Egg/Veggie Guy wasn’t there yet. He was like a good ½ hour late from his usual show up time

There were a whole bunch of people sitting in cars waiting for him in the parking lot and there was a girl (I’ll say in her mid-20s) that approached between the SUV I was parked beside and said that if we were waiting for eggs, he was on his way, he was just running super late. It was cold and wet and icky out and she was standing there telling us this wearing her backpack and an umbrella. She had come from the University and was waiting in the cold & wet.

I told her to come join me in Eggnog and she did. Turned out she lived in the condos in our neighbourhood so I told her I would be happy to give her a ride home after we picked up our eggs (and her veggies, since she’s a part of Sundance’s CSA as well as the eggs) and she was quite grateful. ANYHOW, the guy finally showed up and was handing out her veggies and I have to admit, it’s really cool to see what other farms grow & give for their CSAs!

From what I remember, she got: white radishes. I’m 90% sure these are actually Japanese daikon OR Korean mu radishes that were picked SUPER early so they were itty bitty, spinach, something herby, beet greens, TOMATOES, TOMATILLOS, and a few other items that I can’t recall.

Anyhow, as I was ogling her stash and ooh’ing over what she got, especially her neato radishes and beet greens, she handed them to me. She & her husband don’t like radishes OR beet greens and as a thank you for my kindness to drive her home she let me have them. As it is, she too is finding it a bit difficult to figure out what to do with the veggies that you get week in and week out so she was more than willing to give them up – in her case of veggie-repeat overload, it was beets.

So I got neato white radishes and beet greens on top of my regular veggies from Wednesday!

White Radish
White Radish

I am kind of thinking that I will make a mini batch of radish kimchi, which should be super duper tasty.

It’s interesting, I was just looking at the beet greens she gave me and it looks like what Sundance does is they actually pluck the beets out of the ground before they turn into actual roots and sell them as ‘beet greens’! It’s kinda cool. That bag of greens PLUS my bag of baby beets + tops, is making for a considerable amount of beet greens! It’s rivaling my yellow swiss chard and kale! :o

I’m thinking I should invest in another box of long ziplock containers, just for my washed and prepped veggies o_O


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