Thoughts on food…

I am absolutely loving our CSA pickup day!I have to admit, I am a little bit sad in the back of my head to be thinking that this will only last until the beginning of October for us, because that is the point at which the Farmer’s Market shuts down for the year and we will then be without a weekly supply of beautiful veggies straight from the farm…

As a side note, and I realize this might make your poor tummy ache at the thought, I’ve discovered a small grain CSA that is still taking share orders! For $60, beginning in the fall, once the wheat’s been harvested, I could purchase a 1/2 share (6 months worth) and receive a 2-5lb bag of freshly stone-milled wheat, rye and/or barley flours for every delivery!

I am still trying to decide if I could use up that much flour for it to be worth the cost… It’s so incredibly tempting and I am slightly embarassed to say that I may actually have a slight addiction to this whole CSA/sourcing your food more locally & healthily(?) thing.

Can this really be a bad thing: knowing where my food comes from, how it’s being grown & taken care of, and being able to put a face to who’s growing it for me??

I have so many different things that I am anxious and keen to try, but only have a wee little budget (not to mention storage space!) to accomodate it all, which makes me just a smidgen bit sad. *sigh*

I really must learn to properly budget and prioritize better if I want, at some point, to do all these things that excite me:
* 1/4 Alberta bison, pork or beef
* Hutterite chickens or organic chickens, or other poultry like pheasant and duck
* CSA farm fresh eggs
* CSA farm fresh veggies — summer AND winter(!)
* CSA wheat, rye and other flours


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on food…

  1. I think using 2- 5 lb of flour every (week? month?) would be really hard but I don’t bake a lot. And no, it’s never a bad thing to know where your food comes from! ;-)

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