Friday Summer Lunch

Every Friday I get to have a wonderful afternoon where I get to spend a few hours with Miss R & Lil’E=MC^2.

For a good portion of the summer we’d been having most incredible salads for lunch made from Magic CSA Veggies as well as some wonderful fresh garden produce from J & Miss R‘s gardens.

But this week… wow.

Today we ended up having a most amazing lunch that ended up being probably one of the most beautiful looking meals I’ve ever made or seen.


Our first Italian-esque lunch: a bit of amazing lemony-fennel dry-cured salame brought home by J & Miss R from their recent trip to Vancouver Island, fresh tomato salad with slices of buffalo mozzarella & homegrown basil drizzled with balsamic vinegar & extra virgin olive oil, spaghettini with my experimental radish & beet greens pesto, a very regal-looking sourdough boule, and a wonderfully welcome bowl of ripe red raspberries picked last night from the neighbour’s bushes.

The only thing missing from the table, in my opinion, was a bottle of wine.

I really do love our Friday afternoon lunches ^_^


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