Magic CSA Veggies Week #9!


Holy Moly Batman!!

You can definitely tell that the harvest season is coming upon us!

Check out all the niftiness we got for our CSA this week: a conical cabbage (yes, really!!), potatoes, carrots, kale, tomatoes, yellow beans, hot peppers and bell peppers, zucchini, onions, beets, and green onions!

This week’s treat of the week: a small paper bag of wonderful little multi-coloured and multi-varietal baby potatoes from Urban Sunflower!!


13 thoughts on “Magic CSA Veggies Week #9!

    1. It is, isn’t it! I was pretty stoked when I saw it in person! Our CSA sends out an email early in the afternoon on delivery day telling us what the highlight of this week’s baskets will be — this week was definitely the cabbage!

      1. Oh hey! I thought I would let you know what I did with my awesome conical cabbage: I got to make the cabbage rolls for my first time ever!

        Unfortunately I didn’t think to take pictures, but I ended up making enough cabbage rolls to freeze for a future meal, so perhaps there will still be photos in the future.

        The coolest thing about those cabbage rolls, other than the conical cabbage of course, was that I had the opportunity to make use of my homemade sauerkraut!

        The meal was amazing since I also served the cabbage rolls with homemade cheddar & bacon pierogies that I had stashed away in the freezer. The whole meal was one big comfort food blanket ^_^

      2. Awesome! I made cabbage rolls once but my husband wasn’t a fan :( Glad yours turned out well. I saw one other person that got a conical cabbage. Totally jealous!

      3. Awwww… That’s too bad your husband doesn’t care for them!

        The Hubbs actually isn’t much fond of “traditional” cabbage rolls either — and by traditional, I mean a really HUGE meat log wrapped in a leaf of cabbage and cooked in Campbells tomato soup, and nothing else, that seem to be quite common when you think “cabbage rolls”. (eww.. that just sounds

        He totally became a cabbage roll lover when he discovered my Romanian girlfriend’s mom’s version when she immigrated to Canada which consist of smaller, finger-sized little bundles, cooked with sauerkraut, tons of dill, whole canned tomatoes broken down by hand and possibly plain tomato sauce for extra liquids. My gf’s mom adapted the recipe slightly to the ingredients she could find in Canada at the time, ten years ago, so sauerkraut it became. I am told whole, heads of sour cabbage are what you’re supposed to use traditionally!

        My girlfriend promised that one day she would get the three of us together and then her Mom could teach me her proper recipe. In the meantime, I just have to keep experimenting with my own version. ^_^

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