Magic CSA Veggies Week #10!


Well, fall is definitely upon us! It’s getting chilly out and the CSA portion’s slowly starting to reduce.

No matter, we still have some pretty impressive veggies going on!

This week’s haul: carrots, two cucumbers, lots of potatoes, kale, hot peppers, green beans, yellow swiss chard, celery(!!) and a couple onions.

This week’s Treat of the Week is garlic and comes to us from Urban Sunflower’s market stall partner: Leaf & Lyre!


3 thoughts on “Magic CSA Veggies Week #10!

    1. You know what? I have no idea what I’m gonna do with the celery!

      Ordinarily I don’t actually like the stuff except for in a couple of “mandatory” places like the base to soups, stews, risotto, etc… but eating-wise, I can only really stomach eating it when it’s chopped up for tuna or salmon sandwiches.

      Having said that, I was incredibly blown away by the celery’s aroma and texture! The smell was so incredibly intense compared to grocery store celery, the ribs were half the width I’m used to seeing & such an amazing dark green with such lush leafy tops!

      I’m a little intimidated by the celery’s intensity at the moment — I only ever use celery as a flavour-base, so eating it as a main vegetable will be a stretch for me… I may try something out of my comfort zone to be honest: whole braised celery with butter & cream? Those ingredients always make stuff taste good, right? ^_^;;

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