Muscle Biopsy Update

I saw FamDoc on Monday for my monthly visit and we had a long chat about stuff.

Turns out I had a busy month of August with appointments left, right and centre all around me.

We went over the pathology report, but since FamDoc’s area of expertise is NOT neurology, we could both only really take a stab at what the report meant. He’s going to send a copy of the report off to the Neuro Doc I saw back at the beginning of the year for the muscle testing to see if he could shed some light on what the report really means.

The two biggest things are:
1) No signs of inflammation in the muscle tissue (woo!)
2) There are noticeable signs of atrophy as well as necrosis going on at the cellular level of the muscle tissue. (not so woo)

The biggest issue of concern is obviously point #2 and what that really means for us — Fam Doc is hazarding a guess that if there’s necrosis going on, then that could possibly be an answer as to why I have the muscle pain that I do. He said not to take his guess as gospel by any means, because again, his area of expertise is not neurology and it could very well be something that NeuroDoc sees all the time in cases like mine and in the end means absolutely nothing.

But like I mentioned a few weeks ago: having some information of any kind is nice. So on the one hand, we have at least the positive sign of there being no inflammation, but on the other we have this rather questionable issue of necrosis.

That’s kind of freaky if you think about it… does this mean I can legitimately say that I’ve got a lil’ bit-o-Zombie action going on inside me??

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