Magic CSA Veggies Week #12!


The deliveries are becoming smaller, but these are no less beautiful than the peak summer veggies we’ve received!

This week’s bounty consists of: huge leafy celery, a leek, 2 onions, broccoli, bag of beets, red potatoes, last of the hot peppers, tomatoes, and an adorable spaghetti squash!

Treat of the Week this week: Kitty photo-bombing my veggies.


6 thoughts on “Magic CSA Veggies Week #12!

    1. With last week’s celery, so far I’ve not done anything with the leaves other than wash them and keep them in a separate container for later use! They’re still pretty fresh looking and holy cow are they fragrant compared to store-bought!

      I think what my mom does is actually use them as a cilantro-like substitute. For example, when she steams a fish, she’ll usually douse it in sesame oil & soy sauce after cooking then scatter tons of chopped cilantro over top which gives it such a great freshness with each mouthful ^_^

      Other than that… I’m sort of at a loss! Ideas?

      1. I have never used celery leaves before. Probably because like you said, store bought is different. But I feel bad that I have been letting my garden celery leaves and CSA celery leaves go to waste. Never thought about using them as an aromatic. Thanks for the inspiration :) Sounds delish!

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