Magic CSA Veggies Week #13! Plus: Surprise Treat of the Week awesomeness!

Oh my goodness, I was mistaken! I thought that this week was the second last week for our CSA, but in fact we still have 3 more weeks of Magic CSA Veggies coming from Noble Farms!

Sadly, what is ending for the season is the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Farmer’s Market for 2012. That means there won’t be many (any?) more Treat of the Week purchasing opportunities for us when we visit Tim to pick up our veggies for the week. Our last CSA pickup will be the week after Thanksgiving, in the middle of October.

The share sizes are noticeably decreasing in quantity and very reminiscent of the beginning of the season when only a few different veggies were of actual harvestable size… Holy cow! Can you believe that we’ve been getting veggies for THIRTEEN weeks?!?


This week’s Magic CSA Veggies consist of: slightly less prolific monster-celery, a lovely bag of red potatoes, some tomatoes, more cute carrots, a couple onions, a nice little bag of kale and a beautiful acorn squash (yay!!) ^_^

Now, we haven’t had a TotW for a few weeks now and this week is technically no different… BUT(!) I do have something which is packed with mega-super awesomeness that I had to call it a Treat of the Week even though it’s not something that I could photograph along with the Magic CSA Veggies.

Any guesses in what it might be? I can wait while you mull it over awhile… ^_^

o/~ …Jeopardy music queues up and quietly plays in the back of your mind… ~\o

Time’s up!

This Week’s Treat of the Week: a WINTER CSA SHARE WITH EAGLE CREEK FARMS!!

We will be receiving, bi-weekly starting in mid-October, a half-share portion of winter veggies that with any luck, we will be picking our first delivery right when our CSA with Noble Gardens finishes for its season so we won’t have to worry about feeling like we’re missing out on fresh veggies!

Also starting in mid-October: We are officially signed up for a full year of local grain and flour with Country Thyme Farm’s CSA that we will be sharing with J and Miss R!

I am so thrilled that everything I wanted an opportunity to try this year has happened! The only thing that is left for us to sort out is what we’re going to do about our meat supply for the year. I’ve spoken to Miss R about sharing bison again this year and I have my fingers crossed that she and J will be able to look into it once they’ve finished the huge task of potato harvesting for the year ^_^


4 thoughts on “Magic CSA Veggies Week #13! Plus: Surprise Treat of the Week awesomeness!

    1. This summer was our first experience with a CSA and we absolutely love it and I am supremely thrilled that we also managed to sign up for a winter CSA share — even though it’s with a different farm. Recent newsletter from our summer farm says that next year they will be considering the idea of trying to offer winter shares and I am hoping that will come to fruition for us ^_^

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