Magic CSA Veggies Week #16

Well, this is it: our final CSA veggie delivery fom Noble Gardens

It was a great 16 week experience and we’re so pleased with the relationship we developed with Noble Gardens that I have already registered us for their 2013 CSA Season.

So without further ado, our final delivery: purple kale, 2 little pumpkins, an acorn squah, 2 different kinds potatoes, a couple onions, a purple cabbage, beets and a bunch of parsley.


We wish The Vrieselaar family a full & happy remainder of the year and thank them for the wonderful experience they gave us.

We look forward to seeing them again next year at the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Farmer’s Market!

10 thoughts on “Magic CSA Veggies Week #16

  1. Looks yummy! And with such great veggies that store well and can be put up, you’ll be enjoying your farm share into the next month! I’ve got 4 pie pumpkins on my counter waiting to be roasted and the puree frozen for when I’m no longer getting my farm share. But first, peppers to pickle and greens to blanch. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I’m rather excited about the pumpkins! I still have some leftover pumpkin puree from Thanksgiving two weeks ago, but it was a Japanese variety so it will be interesting to see how the tastes compare to each other when I try making another batch of gnudi with each kind ^_^

    1. What did I like best… wow.

      There are all sorts of little things that I loved about our CSA with Noble Gardens that people wouldn’t ordinarily think, I’d imagine.

      One example would be not feeling like we were dealing with a pushy salesman every week — we have an Egg Share with another farm and my husband uncomfortably feels like he’s facing a sales pitch every time he goes to pick up eggs. With our Magic CSA Veggies, we’ve only ever had great meetings picking up our veggies.

      I loved that Noble Gardens sent out a weekly email newsletter the day of delivery telling us about what the past week was like, how the veggies are doing, what obstacles they’re trying to overcome with either pests or weather, the lessons they’re learning or planning for the next year’s CSA, and just little bits about the family, even.

      I have to admit, comparing at a glance what other people are getting from their CSA (just by walking past other stalls at the market or eyeing up what our Egg Guy gives his CSA members each week we’re picking up our eggs), it appears that we’ve gotten really generous portions as well as a great variety of veggies with each weekly delivery!

      One of the few things I found difficult about our CSA was that I wish their drop-off location was closer to home for us. Admittedly I specifically chose a to go with the farmer’s market that wasn’t as close to home for us as it could have been — but the problem was also that some of the CSA farmers markets closer to home didn’t have any spots left at those locations.

      Oh and one of the difficulties we’ve had has been to consume ALL the veggies we receive (in a half share!) before the next week’s delivery was upon us. In those instances, I’ve actually given my parents the veggies since they eat a lot more than we do.

      Hardest veggie to use? Mmmm… beets. Hands down. But that’s only because The Hubbs is not a fan ;)

      The quantity of potatoes was getting a bit unnerving because I am not normally an eater of potatoes, and we are smaller eaters, but I’ve come up with a few different uses for them that can be frozen for later consumption — mainly japanese korokke and pierogies.

      As much as people complain about kale and swiss chard overdoses, I love both those veggies and was making a lot of chard pesto earlier in the season. The kale I’ve generally made into just a simple “boiled salad” to serve as a side and then tossed the leftovers with other things (ie: korokke).

      Now that I’m thinking about it all out loud, the absolute hardest veggies for us to use up before going bad: LETTUCE. I did not like getting lettuce every week for the first month & a half!! I would happily take kale & chard in exchange for lettuces! :)

      I am really looking forward to our Winter CSA with Eagle Creek & Country Thyme Farms that begins next week and seeing as it’s only once every two weeks, I am crossing my fingers that it will be a lot easier for us to consume the veggies before each delivery occurs ^_^

      1. The milled grains will be fantastic — I’ve never used fresh wheat flour before!

        The Grain CSA will be stone-grinding their wheat, barley & rye the designated week that they deliver!

      2. We shall see! It will be interesting picking up everything this week seeing as we’ve had snow all weekend long and I think we’ll continue to have it fall until Friday :P

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