Project #Ranma! “Pachirisu, I choose YOU!”: COMPLETE!

Finished Project Ranma! Amigurumi #2!

I’m not doing shabbily so far in turn around time — admittedly I’ve only just begun the process and I have quite a few more stuffies to go, of which some will be quite a bit more complicated and intricate to assemble all their body parts.

I’m still collecting peoples amigurumi pattern choices and the variety of patterns is nothing short of awesome to me. I am kind of wishing I could keep them all until I’ve finished the last amigurumi before mailing them out, but if I did that, this project would probably never be completed.

…I just have this weird feeling that I should have as many sent off as possible before surgery next week. That’s the thing that bothers me the most right now — had I decided to do this project earlier, I probably would have completed a lot more by this point.

Or not.

Cuz yanno, I’m a great procrastinator, not to mention an awesome starter of projects that never get completed :P~




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