Surgery & Drama Llamas Part III

So I got a call a couple days ago from Gynae Doc’s office.

Turns out they want me admitted a day early, on Thursday Oct.25th, because Anaesthesia wants to have a PICC Line put in :/

Yes, I know this is good thing — it means they are taking advantge of every precaution they have at their disposal to keep from having to worry about other potential complications stemming from this surgery…. But damnit, I don’t wanna stay in the hospital overnight the evening before my surgery.


By myself.

Without The Hubbs.

It’s bad enough that this is a stressful experience on its own, but this just makes my night before surgery anxieties that much worse not being able to be at home with The Hubbs & The kitties :(


4 thoughts on “Surgery & Drama Llamas Part III

    1. Well, it depends on what you are referring to when you’re asking if I’m okay ^_^
      For now, I am alright. Worried, anxious and all around unhappy about things happening the way they are, but otherwise alright.

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