Food for thought…

I absolutely despise the term “foodie”. I really do.

It just grates on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard for some reason and makes me feel all bristly like a hedgehog.

But I have a question to which, I guess, the word is probably most applicable:

What is your foodie bucket list?

Think on it and then, if you wouldn’t mind, please tell me. I’m curious.

What’s my ultimate food-related & eating, bucket list?

I dunno, I’ll have to think on it, too ^_^

I admit, that’s a poor answer, but it does require some serious (okay, maybe not THAT serious) thought.

Money, calories & hangovers are no barriers to this little exercise, so dream away!


6 thoughts on “Food for thought…

    1. I have so many replies that I desperately want to make. I’ll be good and say just one thing: Pervert! ;D *grins*

      As to your question — Hey, if it’s AB that you want on your bucket list, then by all means he definitely counts!! ;D

      My question would then be: how exactly would you go about preparing AB to make the most of every morsel? *giggles*


        Personally, I love bone marrow ^_^ And this was way way way way before it suddenly became the new trendy & hawt menu item.

        When I was little, my mom used beef bones to make Chinese soups & broths, when dinner time rolled around, Dad & I would get the bones to slurp the marrow out of ^_^ So yummy, even back then when the only time I’d ever had it was when it was pretty blandly simmered in water with Chinese stuffs!

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