*Vibrating Audibly from Happiness… and Caffeine*

I think the following picture pretty much sums up the topic nicely:


I can’t believe how much drama & angst there was within me, trying to choose a single-serve coffee maker >_<


I’d been pining over a Nespresso for awhile now – I was originally smitten by the thought of owning a U, but after a considerable amount of research, I changed my mind and started leaning towards either a Pixie or a Citiz. I went with the Pixie in the end, paired with the Aerocinno Plus milk steamer/frother.

I prefer espresso-based beverages, albeit with a fair bit of milk and some sweetener added, with my new Pixie that's now very affordable vs. buying a Starbucks drink (or two) every weekend. The pods cost about 68-75c/each, depending on what kind of espresso you buy — be it singular origin, a blend or a holiday specialty. Orders must be made through the Nespresso Club, in quantities of 50, but that’s still pretty affordable.

For a quick math lesson, let's say for argument's sake I buy two drinks per weekend, make it 8 drinks per month, for one year (read: 12 months). When I order a drink from Starbucks, the cost runs me about $6 a pop now. The amount I'm spending per year on coffees: $6×2=$12/wknd, $12×4 wknd/month=$48/mnth, $48×12 months=$576 per year O_O!!

Mind is blown.

Side rant: I don't get coffee at Starbucks anymore because they charge me for soymilk now. Grrr! It used to be you could get free milk substitute & flavoured syrup shots once you had accumulated so many points using your reloadable Starbucks card. They discontinued that benefit as of October and I haven't purchased a drink from them since I was informed of the changes — I let my card run out way back in September, claimed my free birthday drink and left it at that. If they re-instated the free soymilk, I would consider reloading my card and buying the occassional drink while out & about, but since I'm forced to pay anyways, I just bring my business to Second Cup now. Which, I should mention, makes by far a much better mocha (hot and iced) than any Starbucks ever could.

I tried to get excited about the idea of buying either a Tassimo or Keurig, and I researched both those options extensively, but in the end I just don’t care for them. They both offer less expensive machines with by far greater selections in terms of beverage options — millions of flavoured coffees, teas, & hot chocolates, etc… Even options that include dairy! (But unfortunately no soymilk pods which would not have upset my tummy as horribly as the milk pod did, as I discovered over the weekend. Boo…) A lot of our friends have one or the other machine & love them dearly. I absolutely love using their machines when given the opportunity, but it just isn't my kind of toy. There was just too much about both machines that didn't thrill me in the slightest, unfortunately, and nothing convinced me that owning one would be a good choice.

The Hubbs wanted me to buy the machine that I had my heart set on from the get-go, and not try to convince myself that a Keurig or Tassimo will do. He knew that I would only be heart-broken, with a good deal of buyer's remorse, having spent the money and not end up with what I wanted to begin with if we bought either of those machines in the end.

Merry Christmas to me, from The Hubbs (who knows me so very well), with love.


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