Homemade Pasta!

I did it!

I’ve successfully made pasta from scratch!

T be honest, this isn’t exactly my first go at pasta, but it is my first time using my brand new toy!

For Christmas this year I got the highly coveted (to me) pasta attachments for my Kitchen Aid mixer from my brothers. I’ve been pining over this set of toys for 10+ years and am now, finally, the proud owner of a motorized pasta-making machine.

I have made fresh pasta from scratch in the past with my hand-cranked pasta maker, but with SALLY, it just becomes exceedingly more difficult to do as time goes on. Pasta making is something I’ve always enjoyed doing and now that I have the sheet roller to use at the twist of a finger, I am even more excited because today we stopped at Lina’s Italian Market to get me a few more toys. Behold! My new collection of pasta-making toys:


I am now the proud owner of a ravioli press, a couple of ravioli cutters, a fluted-edged pastry/pasta wheel, and a gnocchi board! The only thing we didn’t pick up, which I am now lamenting because of misunderstanding on my part with The Hubbs, is a pasta drying rack. Yes, as much as it would seem that it’s a useless piece of equipment taking up room in my kitchen, I discovered that I desperately needed one to keep all my strands of pasta separated for drying. Case in point, pasta drying on a wrapping paper tube, wedged between 2 kitchen chairs:


Perhaps we will make another trip back later in the week, unless Dad magically comes up with a pasta drying contraption between now and my next round of pasta-making.

I was originally supposed to be making ravioli for part of NewYear’s Eve Dindin, but I couldn’t figure out how to serve a double round of pasta without people passing out from carbo-loading with Mom making shortrib spaghetti as our main attraction for the evening. My plan was that I would make a chicken, ricotta & spinach-filled ravioli and serve it in a light broth as a starter, but that just might be too much with all the other planned treats like cheese, bread, meats & antipasti. So I am going to ixnay the ravioli for another day and just make some homemade linguini to go with Mom’s sauce, instead.

Here’s what we had for dindin tonight: linguini with ~my~ version of shortrib spaghetti sauce — and it was pretty darned fantastic ^_^


Basic Egg Pasta Dough — care of Mr.Jamie Oliver
100g flour, per person
1 egg, per person

Place the flour on a board or in a bowl.
Make a well in the centre and crack the eggs into it.
Beat the eggs with a fork until smooth. Using the tips of your fingers, mix the eggs with the flour, incorporating a little at a time, until everything is combined.
Knead the pieces of dough together – with a bit of work and some love and attention they’ll all bind together to give you one big, smooth lump of dough!
Let the dough rest at least 30 minutes on the counter, covered.

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