Blue Door Olive Oil & Vinegar

A little bit of background information on what this photo is all about:


Saturday afternoon, The Hubbs & I finally got a chance to visit Blue Door Oil & Vinegar.

Blue Door  is a new specialty shop in Calgary that sells fresh extra virgin olive oils as well as balsamic vinegars. The oils are from traditional olive growing countries like Spain, Italy and Greece. When we happened to be visiting, they also had oils on hand from the US, Chile & Australia.

The shop is designed to give you a Tasting Room experience.  Take a sample cup and a little square nibble or two of fresh bread with you to each one of the fusti — the stainless steel vat where each individual oil or vinegar is stored, then taste away to your heart’s content, sampling every single one of their offerings, if you so choose.

Not only that, but if you’re feeling particularly creative: you can mix an oil with a vinegar that might catch your eye to see how you like the taste together and when you find what you like, they’ll bottle and cork it for you to take home and enjoy!

Blue Door is a shop I’d been looking forward to visiting and probably one of the best places I’ve been to, in a really long time. I know this is a rather silly admission, but I’ve always been so crushingly disappointed that I could never partake in things like wine tastings. The fact that there’s now a shop where I can go to, to sample olive oils, and I can thoroughly enjoy something truly unique which doesn’t get me deathly ill, unlike wine & alcohol, makes me absolutely crazy-happy. The photo above, can obviously attest to that given the number of bottles we left with that afternoon. My new treasures included: Organic Tuscan Herb Olive Oil, Organic Herbes de Provence Olive Oil, Organic Garlic Olive Oil & a Traditional Balsamic Vinegar.

Now for some drool-worthy details about their beautiful olive oils and balsamic vinegars:

The olive oils they sell have two harvesting seasons — one in the northern hemisphere and one in the south. The reason for this is so that the store will always have fresh olive oil all year round. Blue Door proudly carries extra virgin olive oil made from olives picked and crushed at the right time, in the right conditions, using the right method.

To add excitement and pizzazz to what is already an incredibly stunning line-up of extra virgin olive oils, they also have flavour-fused & infused olive oils. The Agrumato flavour-fused oils are made from whole fruit crushed with premium harvested olives and the flavour-infused oils are made with all natural flavour essences.

The balsamic vinegars they offer, both dark & white, are aged up to 18 years and certified to be from Modena, Italy. If you want something truly unique, Blue Door also has naturally flavour-infused dark & white balsamic vinegars which will make you seriously rethink what can be done with a beautiful balsamic.


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