Project Aliens’n’Farm Friends complete!

I finally finished our Goddaughter’s Christmas blankie ^_^

I’m rather proud of this creation more than any other blanket project I’ve made thusfar because of all the applique bits.

With the exception of the cow, I managed to make all the pieces by winging basic shapes & patterns.

The baby Cthulhu was based off Shala’s alien pattern, found here, which was fairly easy to customize into the Cthulhu pattern I wanted.

The rest of the appliqué pieces were a little more tedious, to say the least.

I have to admit, making this blankie was certainly eye opening in some respects. I am found it extremely disappointing at how few free patterns there are available that people are creating. There are some amazing, and relatively simple to make patterns that I wish more people would be willing to share instead of charging $2-5 for.

Maybe it’s because I only crochet for the enjoyment of being able to gift friends & family with something that I’ve made myself, but it seems that with platforms like Etsy & Ravelry, people are more than ever putting a pricetag on everything they create instead of considering “open sourcing” their patterns. A bit of a shame, really.

I have to admit, if I were a bit more meticulous, I would certainly put out free patterns for this blanket’s individual pieces. Perhaps if there is interest, I might still consider the idea of writing up my own patterns for this blankie.



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