Magical discovery

So, Nespresso had a limited edition run of three flavoured espresso capsules for 2012 and once they were sold out, they were gone forever.

Since I purchased my wee Pixie in December, just before Christmas, there wasn’t much of anything left in terms of selection. The only flavour they had in stock at the time was hazelnut and, wow, it was a really good hazelnut!

When I realized my predicament of not having any hazelnut coffee options once I finished my current stash, I started hoarding my prescious hazelnut capsules, only consuming one if I felt I could spend the time to truly enjoy my cup of coffee. I was absolutely happy to share with friends and family one of the capsules if they were interested, but for the most part I was saving them for myself on a rainy day, so to speak.

Fast forward to two days ago. I don’t even remember how the idea popped into my head, but I was emailing back & forth with Empyress about something and the topic of Starbucks & flavoured syrups came up. It was at that point I had a very belated lightbulb moment: I could buy the syrups that are commonly used for coffees & Italian sodas to use with my Pixie and never again have to squirrel away hazelnut capsules like I was trying to prepare for winter in a tree with real nuts!

Silly me!

So I am now in posession of two bottles of Torani syrups to enjoy whenever I feel like having an indulgent little At-Home Coffee Shop experience and can drink through the rest of the hazelnut capsules, happy as I please, whenever the mood strikes.

I have to admit, having practically everything on hand that I could need to make myself a cup of coffee just the way I want (without having to pay through the nose for it!) with a bit of steamed almond milk with a lovely head of froth, and a shot of syrup, really makes my morning cup of coffee feel incredibly special.

I keep saying this to The Hubbs, and I think it absolutely warrants a repeat here: I really, really love my Pixie.



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