Marshmallow-making notes

I’ve been making marshmallows for the last few months and have discovered a few things that I really need to write down regarding how to go about flavouring them. I really don’t want to forget this information and it’s pretty important stuff to know so that I will be able to experiment more confidently & freely in the future.

I have a basic vanilla marshmallow recipe from the Brownie Points blog that I’ve been using for the last few years and I am pretty happy to continue using as my signature recipe — it has very few ingredients, the procedure is simple & straight forward and for the most part, making customized flavours has been pretty successful. McAuliflower (not her real name) was kind enough to create a .pdf of the marshmallow recipe so she could easily reference it herself as well as share it, and you can find it, here.


Below, is a list of the flavours I’ve made but with change notes that I want to try with future batches because they could still use a little bit of tweaking to make them perfect.

Maple: replace 1/2 the quantity (full?) of corn syrup with pure maple syrup.

Cherry-Almond: Replace first measure of water (in the gelatin blooming step) with 1⁄2 cup maraschino cherry purée and 1⁄2 cup of water. Replace vanilla with almond extract.

Raspberry-Lemonade: Replace first measure of water (in the gelatin blooming step) with 1/2 cup raspberry syrup*, 1/4 cup water** and 1 Tbsp lemon extract***.

* I have Torani syrups that I bought for flavouring my coffee. I thought I would experiment with using it in my marshmallows since I am unlikely going to be able to consume the whole 750ml bottle in coffee all by myself and I figured that it would also make pretty colours without actually adding (extra) food colouring.

** Gelatin doesn’t dissolve very well in sugar syrup, as I’ve discovered, it really does need water to accomplish this so it will properly disperse throughout the entire marshmallow batter(??). Thing is, I’m not sure if using 1/2 cup water would dilute the flavoured syrups too much which is why, for now, I only suggest 1/4 cup until I get a chance to try the recipe again.

*** I used a jar of lemon sugar that I had made quite awhile ago that was just languishing on a shelf in my pantry. The homemade lemon sugar was made simply using the zest of one or two lemons (I really can’t remember) mixed with a random quantity of sugar until I liked the consistency. The quantity of lemon sugar that I used for the marshmallows came out to a little more than 1 cup and I topped up whatever remained of the 3 cups that I needed with plain sugar. I really didn’t know how prominent the flavour would be using only lemon sugar, so I added 1Tbsp lemon extract to ensure extra lemon-y goodness.

Fun Flavoured & Coloured Marshmallows: Now for something that I haven’t yet tried that I came across in another blog. This method will give both fun flavouring as well as crazy colouring to the marshmallows — Mix gelatin with 1 packet (8g) unsweetened Kool-Aid drink mix, 1/2 cup cold water. Continue the recipe as written.

WARNING: Marshmallows need a good, solid, 12 hours of drying time to set up properly! (Keep this in mind when DST kicks into effect… boooo.)

If you cut them too early, their texture will be too soft and they will get squished from their own weight (see below!), causing them to flatten out unattractively when you’re storing them.

As you can see below, I’ve spread everything out in hopes that they will set up more firmly in a few hours and be less… ugly.



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