Ack!! OMG! OMG! OMG! I’m so thrilled!!!


We got me a tricycle!!

We walked into Canadian Tire this afternoon to pick up some stuff that we needed and I completely stopped in my tracks when I saw this on display. It was raised up, front and centre, presented right as we entered into the store.

Oh my goodness, it has a basket… A HUGE BASKET!! I can dump my oxygen tank and all my junk into the back and I can go for bike rides again!!!

I had altogether stopped riding my old bicycle a few years ago when my balancing issues made riding too difficult, made even worse when I was tired or out of breath.

Tthis afternoon I went for a ride for the first time in YEARS!

I still can’t believe that I have been given the opportunity to ride a bike again. Okay, yes, it’s a TRIcycle, but it doesn’t make it any less fantastic, and absolutely thrilling, to be able to once again feel a breeze on my face as I’m coasting down the street.

I am absolutely thrilled beyond belief… and… kind of sore ^_^;;;

I may have possibly overdone my first ride in… well… a really, really, long time.

But I am happy.

I am so incredibly happy, especially after this whole needing a walker thing has given me such a blow in terms of how I feel about my whole sense of being.

Now all we need to do is get me a small basket for my handlebars for my little bits & bobs so they don’t get lost as I’m riding (a re-visit to Canadian Tire is definitely instore!) and I think I ought to find some ridiculously silly, yet much needed, handlebar streamers that can flutter in the breeze with me as I’m riding by.

Turns out Life can be good every now & then and not always a kick to the knees ^_^

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