Eleven Years…

There was a post written on the #ChronicallyAwesome Foundation‘s Facebook page requesting stories of amazing Chronically Awesome #CarePartners. Since I would like to make sure that I have a copy of what I have written saved somewhere, I thought this post, today, would be the best place to keep it:

Maybe it’s because today’s our 11th wedding anniversary that I’m feeling compelled to share and be all sappy, but my Hubbs is pretty damn amazing.

He’s been my knight in shining armor every single day and has helped keep us safe by slaying the mean & nasty Witches of FEAR, Ogres of UNCERTAINTY and Dragons of SADNESS when it comes to having an unpredictable, progressive, auto-immune disease.

He makes me smile when things hurt too much, he makes me laugh when our options are too scary to consider them, and makes me feel safe when the nature of my disease is overwhelming.

(He also happens to be my Super Hero in disguise, which has a slightly different job description but has no less of an amazing list of achievements, in my opinion. ^_^)

To my Darling,

Thank you for 11 years of: good times, UFO times, bicycle times, supper times, happy times, garden times, fabulous times, snack times, burger times, fun times, sad times, lovely times, hilarious times, sweater times, DQ Blizzard times, silly times, Cronut times, driving times, frustrating times, sushi times, vacation times, lunch times, bath times, and all those times I can’t remember to mention.

Happy 11th Anniversary,



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