Something new: Sexay Boots!

I am now officially the proud owner of a rather hawt & sexy pair of knee-high leather boots!




As a result, I have been spending a rather embarassing amount of time on Pinterest doing something I would have NEVER imagined possible of me: I’ve been actively searching for (Fall) fashion ideas /outfits / styles to accentuate & highlight the presence of my new boots!


Is it possible to love my new boots too much? Truthfully, I don’t think I really want an answer to the question.

I’m kind of crazy excited for the cooler weather of fall to come knocking on my door, and with all these fab outfits I’ve been oggling, I am pretty sure I could actually attempt wearing a lot of them with stuff already in my closet. For me, that’s pretty darn amazing!

Interesting observation about my gorgeous new boots: Having the shit kicked out of my self-esteem from having to face the realities of using a walker and oxygen at 37, knee-high leather boots have successfully made using both the walker and the oxygen look really damn sexy! ;D

After making this phenomenal discovery, I have taken the official stance that everyone should have a pair of sexay boots to make them feel hawt & look smokin’!


Especially if you’re someone dealing with ongoing health issues, it does a frigging AMAZING job of boosting your self-confidence and self-esteem! *^_^*

BTW.. I don’t think I mentioned how amazing The Hubbs is: He patiently helped me try on EVERY. SINGLE. PAIR. OF. BOOTS. IN. THE. STORE. on Friday night until we found the pair I loved. There was not a sound or peep of discontent or impatience.

I wuvs my superhero in disguise *^_^* xoxo [end sappy]

To be honest, I don’t think people really consider how much the effects a chronic condition has on your appearance, which then affects your self-confidence & self-esteem. I think that when a person discovers that they are suddenly staring at this stranger in the mirror, wondering how the unrecognizeable reflection came into being, it is only then that you realize how much chronic conditions can affect your appearance. The myriad of puff-inducing medications, painful & tiring yet life sustaining/enhancing medical treatments, and just not feeling well, everyday, it all takes its toll on your body.

Some people might think it a rather superficial concern to be so bothered by how you feel about your appearance when “there is always someone else in the world that has it worse than you”.

For the record: I hate it when people say that to me. I hate it with the burning passion of a thousand blazing hot suns.

When people ask me how I’m feeing or how things are going if things are particularly bad, then reply with off-handed comments like above, thinking that it’s supposed to put the problem into better perspective, it basically says to me that they really don’t care that this issue causes me a lot of pain. They make it sound like someone else’s suffering is more important & worthy of listening to, so stop complaining.

It pisses me off and it hurts. A lot.

But I digress.

After a chronic condition has stablized long enough to become the new normal, like for me, I think it’s at this point that a person’s feelings about their outward appearance, self-esteem and self-confidence suddenly become the biggest, most important issue that needs relatively immediate & gratifying solutions. This is the reason why, to me, it is so very important that every girl need invest in a great pair of sexay boots !


I am not capable of dressing myself in any way. I have no idea what a proper adult looks like, let alone pulling off the concept of fashionable by any stretch of the imagination. Up until last week, I honestly didn’t realize or understand or care how powerful it can be to wear something that made me feel good about how I look. I am still amazed at how awesome my sexay boots make me feel and I am kind of embarassed, but secretly, very, very pleased at how I look in them, too.

I guess all this blathering on about my sexay boots is to say this:

Find that thing that makes you feel as incredibly amazing about yourself as everyone knows you are. Cuz believe it or not, your happiness will boost far higher than you could ever imagine possible.


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