Rheumy III appointment update

Rheumy III just prescribed for me to go shoe shopping for new shoes, 2 pairs in fact(indoor & outdoor), AND wants me to wear my sexay boots more often! Admittedly the prescription was for Birkenstocks or something similar, which is questionably attractive & fashionable depending on your tastes, but still…! Shoe shopping prescription! With the potential for Insurance to cover them! I am no longer allowed to wear flat, fugly, orthopaedic shoes with orthotics anymore! Apparently I have arthritis in my feet (news to me!) so Rheumy wants me to be wearing something with a slight heel on it because it will stop my ankles from rolling inwards so much.

She is not pleased that I am so moon-faced and is rather displeased that Cow-stamp Doc hasn’t looked into fixing the issue, as she thinks I am on way too high a dose of steroids for what my combined conditions requires.

Not only that, but apparently there is a new(?) “magic-miracle drug” which may be highly beneficial for pretty much ALL my current inflammatory conditions that she would like for us to give a whirl, as long as it has the approval of Hawt Doc, Kidney Guy and one other set of docs, which I need to have a consult with. I think she might even be considering the idea of bumping up my Imuran doseage, but I’m a little fuzzy as to why at the moment.

She also wants me to have a consult with a new doctor, but I’m blanking on which department they are and what they do. I think it’s for muscles because she’s concerned about my muscle enzymes being so high and they would need to assess whether or not the “magic meds” would help in my case.

There’s also bone density testing in my future which again, I’m fuzzy on the reasoning, but since she wants as much information on me as she can get her hands on, I’m a-okay with it, as much of a nuissance as testing can be :P

This has only been my second appointment with her and already she is of the opinion that if there’s nothing acute happening, it’s not kosher to just sit back & keep with the status quo in regards to SALLY. She has a genuine interest in trying to improve my quality of life as best she can with all the resources available to her and that blows me away.

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