Hawt Doc, hello!

So I was having some issues breathing this afternoon and it’s been one of those episodes which has occurred a couple of times in the past, but still not identifiable as to what the actual cause is. My chest is really heavy & tight, I can’t take a deep enough breath and it feels like I’m suffocating. It’s actually a really scary feeling not being able to breathe normally.

I had mentioned my 3am aspirating episode and he’s concerned that the ickies in whatever went into my lungs from my stomach acids might make my lungs really, really…

Well, put it this way: chances of pneumonia is high and a VERY, VERY, BAD thing in my case. He said that there’s basically no time threshold between me “just feeling meh” and me being hospitalized because my lungs just can’t handle shit when I have the magic combo of: Interstitial Lung Disease + Pulmonary Hypertension + being immuno-compromised from SALLY, et al.

So if I dont feel better tomorrow, I start getting fevers or whatever, it’s instant Clavulin twice a day and a bonus round of Prednisone for me. These things are friggin’ horsepills! Cross your fingers that I am feeling okay tomorrow and whatever was bugging my breathing goes on its merry way, then I just keep the antibiotics on hand for emergencies, which is what we’re supposed to have in our “SALLY emergency kit” anyways.

HawtDoc made me promise that we would stop in at the pharmacy to have the prescription filled on our way home just in case I happen to wake up at 2am feeling positively wretched or something. He doesn’t want me to ever be without emergency antibiotics on hand at home. The less time it takes for me to start taking stuff if I’m not feeling well, the better the chances we can give my body the ability to fight off whatever is wrong and at the same time, prevent the need of having to be hopitalized because we waited too long to get meds in my system.

As for the rest of the appointment, we talked about the “magic miracle meds” Rheumy’s keen on trying and he said that it was a-okay with him, she just has to talk to everyone else and clear it with them.

So in the meantime: rest up, as usual, cross your fingers I feel better tomorrow and then I will see HawtDoc again next month, just after Thanksgiving, for followup.

As a side thought, from past experience, now that I think about it — it is “that time of year” where, should SALLY decide to rear her ugly head, anytime during fall through to Thanksgiving, would actually be the famously typical time of year she would do her thing.


2 thoughts on “Hawt Doc, hello!

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! ^_^

      Yeah, go figure, peoples’ lungs are far more sensitive than most people think & if breathing were optional, I certainly wouldn’t have to be ~as~ vigilant about all this stuff!

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