Amazing melons

Okay, I really, really, really, REALLY wanted you guys to see some rather fantastic photos my cousin posted on his Facebook wall this morning of his family’s veggie garden.

Backstory: most of my extended family lives in Montreal and my Aunties & Uncles are “traditionally Chinese”.

Meaning: they all have gardens in their backyards that use up every single square foot of space in their yards to grow veggies, and they grow a lot of stuff. Most of the veggies I don’t know the English names for, but a lot tend to be things like bok choy, gai lan, etc, etc, that can be eaten fresh throughout the summer.

What they really excel at growing, in my opinion, are what I call “soup melons” which are usually stored & eaten over winter typically as clear soups or restorative broths. Though I must admit, I am a huge fan of eating it dried and candied ^_^

One of these melons is called a Winter melon. My relatives grow a LOT of these things… okay maybe not that many – maybe 4-6 a year.

According to Wikipedia, they typically grow up to 80cm and look like this:

Now compare that photo to what my relatives ACTUALLY grow (organically, my cousin wanted to make sure to point out!):

Winter melon weight over 50lb @ 45″ long!

Winter melon weight over 50lb @ 45″ long!

Not that you could ever miss it, but notice the wheelbarrow the melon is sitting in for scale — That melon is HUGE!!

And if you were ever curious as to how they grow a winter melon:

Notice the supports BELOW the melons?

My Dad took photos of my Mom’s sister’s garden at Gramma’s place the end of August this year when they were back East and they have a similar setup. I dunno if Dad’s sister does this (who’s garden is pictured above) but when the melons are smaller at Mom’s sister’s garden, they use pantyhose to suspend the melons from the trellis above!

Here’s a close up shot of the melons:

This is a melon that I don’t recognize, called a Shark’s fin melon, but is obviously another prolific grower:

I love photos like these ^_^


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