Super Sekret Halloween Project: COMPLETE!

Ignore the middle one – that was my first attempt and it turned out exceedingly poorly. It’s destined to be “cook’s treat” that I will be sharing tonight with The Hubbs whilst waiting for Trick’or’Treaters to make their rounds ^_^

I had to alter my original idea, as you can see from the remaining apples, and ended up doing what you see above: caramel wrapped apples, top ½ painted with melted chocolate, ring of “Halloween” coloured smarties, attacked by a gummy worm coming out oreo cookie crumb “dirt” which was sprinkled on the exposed chocolate to cover, before letting to set.

It’s better than I had hoped, but not as good as I had originally wanted :P

I hope The Hubbs’ nieces & nephew like them for this year’s special Halloween treat & gift to them.

Happy Halloween! ^_^


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