Hiding in a tent!

 Kumiko & Sahmy decided that hanging out in the blanket tent I made on the sofa in the basement was probably as good a place as any to hide out during the 2015 Tornado(!) & Thunderstorm with golfball-sized hail alerts we had in Calgary today. 

Kittyness on the other hand had bolted upstairs for her hidey hole that she deems safe during the first clap of thunder during the whole scary affair. I probably should have closed the basement door so she would be forced to stay in the basement with me, Kumiko & Sahmy. Thing is: it probably would have stressed her out even more, knowing me, keeping her locked away from her designated safe spot during the storm.
The stress of the whole tornado today made me realise that being alone at home, by myself, really sucks and I ought to more seriously consider what to pack into a formal “Bug-Out Bag”… also known as “the bag I would use in an emergency, evacuation, grab & go situation”. As well, we should probably have a plastic, lidded, tub in the basement of emergency non-perishable foods & stuff if there ever comes a time when we need to stay in the house for any other severe weather.

Calgary has been a relatively boring city to live in for most of my life and it’s only been since the catastrophic Flood of 2013 where the weather has wreaked enough havoc to warrant having a Bug-Out Bag on standby. The Canadian Red Cross always says you need to have one for each family member, but we’ve honestly never had to really consider the idea since snowstorms that keep you indoors are about as severe as we’ve ever had prior to 2013. Thankfully (luckily?) my medications are all located in one extra large, easy to grab, toiletries bag which is also easily accessible and my portable oxygen & spare tanks are always located together.

The biggest thing I worry about in an emergency is how we would locate, then herd three cats into their carriers and still remember to grab food for them. That is the scariest prospect of all, for me.

Food for thought, I guess.


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