So tonight was the first time in absolutely forever that I actually made a home-cooked dinner.

Needless to say, I’m kind of tired, sad, frustrated, angry, tired of being tired, and just all around mad at myself because of SALLY’s goings on lately.The last time we saw HawtDoc, he was becoming concerned about the not wanting to eat thing. It’s really not getting any better and come Round #2’s infusion time, I’m going to be doubly screwed.

Speaking of which, I am deeply concerned about the fact that whenever it’s planned that we do Rituxan Round #2 next month, I really don’t have all that much time to prepare any freezer meals for the next three plus months of non-functionality. More to the point: I’m disappointed that I likely won’t have an opportunity to do any canning or preserving this year.

Right now I’m struggling just trying to get the energy & motivation to cook any meal. Things have been so low for me the last month that I have had zero interest in cooking, eating, reading magazines, taking pics, or watching videos about food/cooking. That’s a pretty serious state of affairs. We basically ate soup & sandwiches practically every night for dinner, sitting on the sofa watching stuff on Netflix and my mother’s noticed my weight loss and actually commented on my lack of eating, means I must be doing really badly. We hardly ever eat dinner sitting on the sofa in front of the TV, but this last month has been that bad. The only “saving grace” about having the soup & sandwiches combination is that the soups were from the freezer stash I made months ago in preparation for treatment — I certainly didn’t expect to be doing it for almost a month straight. Homemade soup FTW!


Here’s the thing: I desperately need to get my cooking & interest-in-food-mojo back (even if it’s just for a short stint) so that I can do a hardcore freezer meal prep ASAP before I become totally incapacitated from the infusions. I just don’t know how I should go about things. Should I spend a weekend totally caffeinated up to my eyeballs, plow through as much as I possibly can without stopping if I don’t have to, with the expectation that the week following will likely end with a spectacular crash & burn? Or should I do one recipe a day and cross my fingers that I get enough frozen meals prepped before Round #2 treatment begins?

I guess the other issue that needs addressing is: What should I make??

Large batch soups & stews have been the easiest thing for my brain to accept and my tummy to handle, especially when I’m nauseous. As much as I loved making Jamie Oliver’s Crispy Duck Lasagne, that was a multi-day process that I am pretty sure I won’t be able to attempt again any time soon. Having said that though, perhaps taking 2 days to make a batch of the duck ragu might actually be worth it to have portioned out and frozen for something easy like spaghetti (1 day to roast duck, 1 day to simmer sauce) — I don’t think think my stomach would be able to handle the full-on lasagne, cuz holy cow was it ever rich even when I was feeling good!

I guess all that’s left to do is figure out the best way to prepare some freezer recipes for still frozen bone-in pork chops, lamb shanks & lamb loins. The chops are currently frozen in pairs with a piece of parchment paper between each, and it’s an extremely bad food safety practice to thaw frozen meats & refreeze them without first cooking everything. I can’t exactly afford to get myself sick when my immune system is totally shot, now can I…

If anyone out there has any really good suggestions for recipes, I’m all ears and anxiously awaiting any recommendations generously sent my way.

Oh and I guess it might also be good to consider making a bunch of things like chocolate chip cookies, some banana cakies, or whatever else sweet & treat-like would be acceptable to freeze for a quick snack.


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