I just had an idea..!

So, I was talking to a girlfriend this evening about ‘biscuits’. The conversation had stemmed from an earlier Facebook discussion about how someone had found frozen Red Lobster biscuits at Costco and they were all excited by the discovery. (Side note: Why does everyone get so hot & bothered about Red Lobster biscuits??)

My opinion on most commercially made biscuits is that they are truly unfit for human consumption, especially when compared to a wonderfully hot, fresh from the oven, specimen slathered with butter, so that it’s all melting into the cracks & crevices.

The thing I wonder about is: Could I do a similar thing with my own homemade biscuit dough recipe? Meaning — make the recipe in its entirety, but freeze the biscuits solid before baking them and then stash them in the freezer to pull out only a few at a time for the meal that we want to eat them with versus making a whole batch that languishes and eventually stales.

The idea seems to have promise, I am doubtful that it would require any more than an extra 5 minutes time to bake them off from frozen, which would certainly cut down the time it takes to make them from start to finish from scratch. Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no issue with making a batch of herby-cheesy biscuits from scratch, but right now my brain is completely locked on thinking about the need to make as many freezer meals as possible before Round #2 starts up again next month.

Oh and also: I really need to make proper use of the vacuum sealer I got for Christmas last year! I’m going to start transferring out all those frozen soup popsicles from their original containers (quick run under hot water to slip the frozen soup block out) and then pop them straight into the vacuum bags, seal them up, label them properly so they’re legible again, and then toss them back into the deep freeze so I can have more containers to use for freezing the newest batch of soup.

Autumn is slowly making itself known which means that Soup Season is fast approaching which is compounding my panic about not having enough freezer meals stashed before Round #2. GAH!

Looks like a good plan for Friday, and into the weekend, would be to make & freeze:

  • Chicken-vegetable soup
  • Chicken stew
  • Ducky ragu for spaghetti
  • Batch of ready-to-bake herby-cheesy drop biscuits

Sounds like a relatively decent plan… now I just have to make sure to have enough caffeine on hand to get me through the weekend. Wish me luck.


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