Vat of soup?

 I did it! I successfully made a terrifyingly huge VAT of what I would be inclined to politely call pesto-turkey-vegetable soup, but in reality, it truly is what I’ve nicknamed it, in recent days: Eveything Soup.

It’s kind of a shocking combination of things I pulled out of the fridge and freezer and dumped into the pot that worked amazingly well. It’s a shame that I don’t really every follow or write down actual ingredients for all my soup/stews because some of them are amazing & shockingly tasty.

Since we’ve been drowning in CSA veggies the last few weeks, I had to figure out the best way to consume them all before they started going off or mutating and thankfully, it seems that this was one of my more brilliant concoctions that I will be more than thrilled to eat once Round#2 of Infusions, the chilly snap of autumn & long cold nights begin.

For my own records, these are the ingredients (and recipes) I used in my Everything Soup:

~3L Pressure-cooked chicken stock – used assorted leftover duck & chicken carcasses then stripped leftover meat to use for later in soup

Baked Parmesan Zucchini – chop leftovers into bite sized pieces

Boiled Potatoes with Kale Pesto – recipe template in link uses chard

Very Garlicky Braised Green Beans – chop into bite sized

Very Garlicky Braised SnowPeas – chop into bite size

Leftover Roast Turkey Breast – chop into bite size

Fresh veggies: Carrots, celery, onions, turnips, fresh green peas

Seasoning & Extra Flavourings: garlic-infused olive oil, salt, pepper, dried thyme, bay leaves, dehydrated garlic, Parmesan cheese rinds

This is one seriously tasty soup after being left to simmer for 2+hours once all the ingredients had been chucked into the pot!

Sadly, soup photos are never all that attractive.

Everything Soup

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