Crazy Beef Stew!

One generous pot of Beef Stew: COMPLETE!
The herbs & spices that I used for flavouring this recipe totally surprised me:

heaped teaspoonful of harissa paste, 2 dried bay leaves, generous gob of grainy mustard, a big 2-finger pinch dried thyme, really large sprig-snip from my rosemary topiary, and a big spoonful of marmite. Plus, don’t forget the usual veggie assortment: onions, carrots, celery, LOTS of garlic, frozen peas
This whole “packaging up for future use” thing is also making me crazy giddy ^_^ I don’t imagine we’ll get more than 2 or 3 dinner-for-2 freezer meals out of this one, though.And no, the biscuits are still not done because I love a good crusty baguette, slathered with butter, far too much… in case anyone was wondering ^_^

Very flavourful beef stew

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