Crispy Duck & Kale Pesto Pizza

Oh. My. Gawd. 

I made Jamie Oliver’s ragù recipe for Crispy Duck Lasagne this aftenoon with the intention of just serving the sauce overtop spaghetti or linguini. Though truth be told, my head tells me that a nice wide papardelle would be far superior, but TheHubbs has a thing against big fat noodles for some reason. I love him but he’s weird sometimes about pasta ^_^

So obviously we didn’t have pasta for dindin tonight, but instead I hauled out my Baking Steel for the first time in forever and we made homemade pizza. TheHubbs had a wholly unexciting pepperoni just because he is happiest with simplicity, and I love him for that.

My pizza on the other hand, was amazing! Crispy duck & kale pesto pizza topped with the rosemary & duck skin pangrattato, a few shards granapadano, and a final finishing drizzle of garlic olive oil from Blue Door Olive Oil *swoon!* 

The only thing the pizza needed that I didn’t think to make sure to have onhand was a handful of lightly dressed arugula. Srsly. Crispy duck recipe rocks.



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