Elections Canada Advance Voting Station is WHERE this year!??

I just called Elections Canada to verify that our Advanced Voting Day location IS in fact located at Bearspaw Christian School. This is considerably far away from any of the advanced voting stations we’ve used in the past. According to our 2015 Federal Election Voter Information Card, we have to drive 8.2km just to get to advance voting this year.

I have a feeling this isn’t correct…


Even the lady from the Elections Canada Office that I spoke to on the phone was a bit surprised, as was her supervisor, at how far away it was.

Thankfully, she gave us another option to consider, which I honestly wouldn’t have thought of in the past only because the advanced voter stations weren’t that far away: If we want, we can go to the Elections Canada Office and ask for a Special Ballot Voting Kit. They’re located practically in our backyard this year, and they’re open til 9pm tonight.

The thing is, there has already been a major kerfuffle with some Voter Information Cards; some voters in Saskatchewan, BC & the Yukon have been sent cards which tell them their voting stations are located 500(!!) kilometres away from their homes. Elections Canada is aware of this weird glitch so they’re working fast & furious to get the new VICs out to people.

This year’s Federal Election just feels dirtier with American-style politics in play. We’re Canadians, we shouldn’t ever be pulling sh*t like this. We need desperately to get Harper & his Conservatives out of power.

We need a government that will help bring us back to our Canadian roots; one that values looking out for the well being of its own citizens, needs the CBC/Radio-Canada to keep a Canadian perspective on news, film, & radio, respects its own national identity, supports the arts which represents Canadian identity, respects that scientists need to be able to speak out, remains a well-known peace keeping nation, realises the importance climate change to save the environment, be open to the aid of refugees in crisis during their time of need when their lives are fraught with so much peril & uncertainty, and for goodness sake we need to remember that our country values everyone else’s mixed cultural identity!

We are losing our country. We need to bring Canada back.

So in the words of the late Jack Layton, remember this:


If you’re Canadian: Please vote on Monday, October 19, 2015. 


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