Halloween thoughts & ideas!

Now that Thanksgiving is more or less finished for the year (Mark & I still have thanksgiving turkey to do with my family this week during family dindin night — WOO!! One more turkey dindin!!), I can start working on HALLOWEEN ideas!!! :D

I spent a bit too much time on Pinterest this evening while I was in bed waiting for The Moose(tm) to kick in and as a result, I have a whole bunch of Halloween ideas running through my head that I want to make this year to spiff up the outside of the house with.

The biggest thing I am excited about this year: I want to try to make a whole bunch of “wood-looking” Halloween signs to hang all over the outside of house. I’m thinking that a lot of it will have to be DIY crafty stuff using recycled materials like cereal boxes, paint, construction paper and a roll or two of wood grain printed duck tape so it will be lightweight to hang on the vinyl siding. But honestly, if I had the mad skills to make them as wooden signs, and could afford materials to do so, I totally would!

Cute Halloween sign examples: Break Off In Case of Sparkly Vampires, One Hour Broom Parking Violators Will Be Toad, Spooky Directional SignAnnual Witches Ball – Free Broom Parking Cats Welcome.

For some extra added fun, I have some old text books that I might consider turning into spell books just for kicks! The only problem is that I have no idea where I would be able to put them for display for Trick’or’Treaters to see and ogle over.

Awesome spell & magic book examples: Decorative Spell Books (tutorial), Necronomicon (tutorial), Hocus Pocus Book (tutorial), Altered Halloween Books (tutorial), Book of Shadows (tutorial)

*starts vibrating audibly in excitement!*

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