Guess who has their favourite Easy Pulse back?!?

 OMG SO HAPPY!!! 2lbs of excess equipment weight is finally gone! :D 

As a side note: the Respiratory Therapist (henceforth called Resp Therapist-L) that visits every 6mos for assessments did a quick & dirty 6 minute room air walk test on me to see if she can finally get me government oxygen funding coverage.  


I am pleased(?!?) to say that I “failed” the quick & dirty test, so I’m off to do the official testing at PLC in a few weeks. As a bit of back story to the whole funding thing: it’s only been very recently that the pre-requisites for getting government funding had changed. 

I didn’t know, but apparently RespTher-L tried applying in the past but because they use BMI as one of the criteria pre-reqs (again didn’t know) she couldn’t get me past the first application step. 

Problem is: BMI is a generally useless indicator for complicated situations like mine and the application process doesn’t take into account things like steroid-water weight, so they denied the applications right off the bat. 

RespTherapist-L also mentioned she’s got a couple of backup plans in her head to try, should I still be declined for the government funding (OMG the hoops and shit!!! >_<;;;): 

  1. She is going to have Nurse-G contact the other patient oxygen funding group(??) to see if she can get us assistance through them.
  2. In the worst case scenario if THAT doesn’t pan out, RTL will try asking her supervisor at the Oxygen Company if they would be able to consider reducing my monthly oxygen bill payments since we’ve been a customer with them for 5-ish years now and TheHubbs’ new job no longer includes oxygen coverage in their benefits plan. 

Cross your fingers for me so we can finally get government assistance to help pay for my oxygen.


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