Commission Project: COMPLETE!

Crochet cellphone carrier/protector/pouch/cozy (ugh I hate that term!)/whatever: COMPLETE!

This would be my first commissioned project in ages and it came with an interesting customization request: an added belt loop!

I designed this pouch ages ago for TheHubbs’ assorted electronic toys (cell phones, gameboys, PSVita, Nintendo DS, etc) and quite a few people have asked over the years where he got his Pocket-O from. When he tells coworkers or casual observers that I made it for him, they always seem to express their amazement that it’s even possible to make something like this.
I am immensely proud of how the whole thing turned out as there was a lot of crochet-drama going on: tons of frogging back, so much cursing at my sloppiness & poor observation skills (there is in fact a visible right & wrong side when adding a border!), and the continual bemoaning of my lack of mental visualization abilities & engineering skills on my part. 

Let me just say that things become way more complicated when a piece needs to be turned inside out to become the finished product. 

Creating a belt loop is lot harder when you have to figure out and remember which side of the piece is considered front/back or pretty/ugly to determine what will become inside/outside when it’s complete! While you’re doing that, there’s also the issue of remembering that the sides need to be stitched together with the right/pretty-sides facing, so that when you do turn it inside out, all the pretty stitches are what you actually see; but that little flap closure also needs to be properly sandwiched in the middle of it all before it can be stitched closed and finally declared complete! 


Currently all that’s left to do is: stitch on my creation label, make some cute packaging, and make some updated thank you business cards to be included in the whole delivery of the Bumblebee Pocket-O™.

As a side note: I have a bit of a conundrum in trying to decide if I want to change, or if I should change, the name of my little crafty business-self. 

Cuz really: it could be kinda hard to explain the concept of the name TeaseMeGirl Handmade. Although, I suppose could come with up a cute, marketable, answer for backstory. I still like the name and TMG Handmade just doesn’t sound as cool!

To be honest, it makes me sad to be changing my crafty business name after all this time, but something niggling at the back of my brain is saying I should do it for the sake of professionalism and/or marketability, especially if it comes to TheHubbs having to field any questions on my behalf, should he get any more commission requests from coworkers or potentially someone out of the blue.

On that note, I guess I have some brainstorming to do. *ponder*

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