Sousvide fried chicken & waffles!

I’m rather impressed with how the fried chicken turned out!  


Chicken thighs were cooked from frozen, seasoned only with about 1% chicken’s weight in salt, @68°C for +4hours (to account for the frozen state). 
When TheHubbs got home, the chicken pieces got removed from their bath, drained & patted dry. Then they were alternately dunked in thinned out greek yoghurt (seasoned with tobasco & worcestershire) and dredged seasoned flour (garlic powder, onion powder, garlic salt, pepper, paprika + Memphis dust). The chicken was then left alone for the coating to properly adhere before finally frying for a quick 3 minutes until the chicken was a nice golden brown.

Fried chicken & waffles was definitely a success and I think from now on this will be the method I use for my chicken karaage recipe, too :D


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