Moving forward with Medical Cannabis

Well this was an unexpected surprise ^_^

I didn’t think I was receiving a Tilray welcome package until I actually purchased something! 
As a side note: I wonder if it’s even a possibility that I could try using a vaporizer for medical cannabis/medical marijuana with all my combined auto-immune conditions from SALLY? I know that Health Canada “approves” of the Volcano Vaporizer for MMJ, but does anyone out there in the Intarwebz know if it’s (medically?) safe to vape with crappy lungs? 

I have absolutely no experience with any of this, so I’ve been having long, drawn-out, yet fascinating & informative, conversations with Whitey about all things medical marihuana (how Health Canada chooses to spell marijuana). His recommendation has always been to find some kind of commercially made Medibles (marijuana-infused edibles) like Kiva Confections. This is absolutely how I would prefer to go about slowly learning to medicate. Frustratingly, the only forms of medical marijuana available to us in Canada from LPs are the traditional buds and only most recently: oils.

I could certainly try to make my own tasty treats & concoctions, but trying to figure out the dosing calculations on homemade stuff just sounds like a terrible headache and potential nightmare. Not to mention the fact that TheHubbs™ and I both find the pervasive smell of recreationally used cannabis absolutely revolting (We’re looking at you, Vancouver!) so having that lingering smell in the house while I’m trying to make cannabutter or oils has pretty much been completely taken off the table. 

What I’d REALLY love is a Magical Butter Maker to help limit the smell of cannabis while making the butter/oil, but OMG it’s so expensive to do the US$/CDN$ conversion. *sniffle*

Having said that, if anyone out there would like to send me their products in exchange for having a patient-centred review of your product(s); I’m open-minded & might be keen. There doesn’t seem to be many companies out there interested in understanding what patients with chronic-illnesses or autoimmune diseases think or have to say about their products, from a social media aspect/perspective.

I guess the biggest reason why I keep coming back to the idea to try using a vaporizer (and I am seriously considering it but still waffling on whether or not to actually do so), is because my digestive system is kind of broken and slow as f*ck on a normal day; goodness only knows how long it would take to have the cannabis oils kick in once ingested. Chronic pain is the biggest issue I’m dealing with on a daily basis and I sure as hell don’t wannna be stuck taking an oil which could take up to 4 hours to kick in before the effects are felt for pain relief. Over time, the plan that FamDoc and I would really like to have happen is to entirely eliminate all the opioid pain meds I am currently taking, and hopefully have my GI system functioning a little more “normally”.

Using a Vaporizer (vaping) is supposedly approved by Health Canada, and kind of acceptable for lung patients, but I dunno how keen HawtDoc would be about it — I’d like to think (and am certainly hoping) that he’s open-minded and amenable to the idea, Rheumy too by the way. I’ve been reading a lot of articles recently, pointing to the benefits of MMJ for Scleroderma, and right now: FamDoc & I are hoping that Medical Marijuana will be a beneficial choice not just for the treatment of my chronic pain, but for all my associated conditions, all around. 



11 thoughts on “Moving forward with Medical Cannabis

  1. Belle

    Smoking or vaping cannabis will cause you to cough. If your lungs are hurting, it may not be the best.

    Edibles would be a better choice, but it will hit you a lot slower (digestion and all that), but it will be in your system a tad bit longer and usually, you will only need a bite to get that euphoric feeling.

    Volcano is a GREAT choice. It’s one of the best desktop vaporizer. You can also use a portable vaporizer if the $400 US price is too much.

    1. I’ve had many long conversations with HandsomeRob in channel over the last few weeks leading up to my actual appointment at the beginning of April and if I could acquire edibles, I would totally be doing that.

      Having said that though, I was chatting with an American patient who also has scleroderma, interstitial lung disease & pulmonary arterial hypertension and she said that it was her Rjeumy that approved of her MMJ use and was rather indifferent to her method of consumption so she opted for vaping.

      She’s found it to be the best way for her to medicate because, like me (or rather worse than me), her digestive system is entirely non-functional so eating a medible would be practically impossible for her. Only thing is she hasn’t yet informed her LungDoc that she’s chosen vaping as her method of consumption ;)

      As for me: FamDoc this week to talk about preliminaries and then HawtDoc next week for the face to face. Dunno if there will be any begging or not 😎

      Regarding the Volcano, in Canada we’re looking at anywhere between $700-800 or more for a unit. I don’t think that’s honestly going to be feasible for us to afford, but I think I will have to look around for other alternatives.

      1. Belle

        I wish you could try a vaporizer to see if it would work for you. Then, you can decide to get one or not. There are cheaper vaporizers out there that you can use. “The Plenty Vaporizer” or “Da Buddha” are great alternatives and cheaper.

        Another option, is trying a water pipe.

      2. Hello Kitty water pipe would be SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME!! And OMG what I would do for one similar to what I posted on Instagram… LOL,

        Vaping is one thing, but I am about 98% sure that smoking via that method would be seriously bad news for my lungs :(

        *deep sigh*

  2. Belle

    Making “butter” is a long and stinky process. It would probably be easier purchase it from a dispensary than to make it yourself. However, you could make it inside your crock pot.

    There are always clinics that can test your end product to tell you how much THC is in your cooked/baked good.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. My bf has been using mmj medically for awhile now.

    1. Like I mentioned earlier, the number of products available to us in Canada are minimal at best. If you’re a MMJ patient we have very few legally available options from LPs — flowers/ buds and only very recently (like February 2016 recent!) cannabis oils and extracts in the form of drops.

      I like the idea of a Magical Butter Maker because it’s almost entirely self-contained process with minimal smell. I am toying with the idea of trying to do the whole thing myself sousvide, but I won’t lie to you: I am not very well versed in this kind of adventurous cooking and even I did manage to make cannabutter myself, it’s the smell of the butter being baked that TheHubbs™ can’t stand the smell of.

      Even the price of a Magical Butter Maker is painful: $225+$75 shipping to Canada.

      Seriously, I’m dying at the thought of how much all this stuff costs to someone living in Canada :(

      1. Belle

        Wow. It’s $175 US. I just saw the video. That product is AWESOME! I’m going to have to show my boyfriend this!

        How about trying a portable vape? I suggest trying The Summit. That’s the one I have.

      2. Yup, $175US, about $300+ CDN :(

        Until I talk to FamDoc tomorrow, I am not really going to get ahead of myself and look into gaporizers, as much fun as that could be ;)

        Fingers crossed that FamDoc will see and understand my reasonings behind me wanting to vape, and then hopefully 100% support will follow from him. I am hoping he will be supportive of the idea only because he’s been my primary care physician that I see every month without fail and is the one who has been advocating for trying any and all means possible for my chronic pain that’s available to me.

        I mean, I suppose I could just tell everyone that this what I am choosing to do whether or not I have their approval or blessing, but that just doesn’t feel like it would be beneficial to my heakth & wellbeing in the long run…

  3. Belle

    I wish you luck, my dear! Let me know when you’re ready to do a bit of shopping. I’ve been shopping for awhile and finally settled on one. :)

    1. Really!! I didn’t even realize it was your “kind of thing”! ^_^
      And yes, absolutely I will hit you up for thoughts & suggestions (maybe as early as tomorrow!) regarding vaporizers :D

      1. Belle

        Yeah, I started due to insomnia and cramps. I don’t vape/smoke every night even though the bf says I should.

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