Can we just be done with 2016 already?

Apologies in advance for the incessant whining:

Why does this past round of infusions feel so damn hard? My chest hurts so much, breathing is so difficult, I feel so exhausted, and my goodness… I. AM. SO. DAMN. COLD. ALL. THE TIME.

Why am I wearing woolen socks, a heavy sweater, long sleeved tshirt and an undershirt along with my kitty chemo cap and my sock-mittens to bed?

(Yesterday’s emotional breakdown in the parking lot outside the registry didn’t help matters either when I discovered there is now a permanent medical flag on my Driver’s license renewal. The implications of what will happen if I can’t renew my license because of my medical conditions just tore me to pieces.

Seriously, can we just be done with 2016?


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