I made freaking Semlor!

Eat your heart out: Soft cardamom buns filled with homemade marzipan-cream and dusted with powdered sugar for the most perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee to be enjoyed for Fika; Swedish coffee break.

Semlor can be yours!!

I admit it: I use a bread machine whenever I need, or want, to make bread. I just mix up the dough in the machine and do the rest by hand. It works for my needs and I don’t die from over exertion or exhaustion ^_^

If you possess the physical stamina that I do not, on the other hand, then go about making them as instructed in the original Semla Bun recipe link found here.

As to the marzipan filling, I made the almond paste recipe from scratch adapted from a Swedish Pastry Chef’s youtube video recipe, found here

Semlor Buns (Makes 20 buns)

75 g (5 tbsp) salted butter
300 ml (1¼ cups) milk
1 egg
500 g (3½ cups) plain (all-purpose) flour, extra may be required
55g (¼ cup) sugar
1 tsp freshly ground or cracked cardamon
10 g (3¼ tsp) “instant” fast action dried yeast
– Pour butter, milk, egg into bottom of bread machine tin.
– Add flour, sugar, cardamon and yeast on top of liquid ingredients.
– Set bread machine to dough setting and press start.
– When cycle is complete, remove dough from bread machine tin onto lightly floured surface.
– Divide dough into ~50g pieces and roll into buns. Makes 20 buns.
– Place formed buns onto parchment lined cookie sheet and cover  with towel to proof 30-40minutes.
– When ready to bake: preheat oven to 400°F/200°C and bake for 10 minutes.
– Remove buns to cooling rack and make marzipan filling.
Marzipan Filling

200g almond meal
100g castor sugar
100g powdered sugar
100ml water
1 tsp vanilla seed paste
Pinch of ground cardamom
– Put almond meal, castor sugar and powdered into food processor. Pulse to combine.
– Add water and process until smooth-ish paste is achieved. [Note: If too wet, add more almond meal and sugars in the proportion 2:1:1]
– Add ground cardomom and vanilla bean paste and pulse a few times more.
– Almond paste is VERY STICKY! Put filling in a ziplock bag and set aside until ready to use.
And finally…

How to assemble your delightful semla bun ❤: 
(P.S.: semla is singular for semlor)
1) cut top off your cardamom bun
2) pull out some of bun’s innards
3) break up innards and mix with some homemade almond paste
4) lighten almond filling with whipped cream
5) fill empty bun with almond cream mixture and top with extra dollop of plain whipped cream
6) put semla’s top back on and dust with powdered sugar
7) admire your semla and consume without getting too much cream or powdered sugar all over your oxygen hose 😂
8) alternative serving method: place marzipan cream-filled bun in bottom of a bowl of warm milk and enjoy slightly less messily ^_^

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